Mets Should Continue to Take Things Slow with Matt Harvey

Ever since Matt Harvey pitched in his first game in St. Lucie last year, expectations have been high on the University of North Carolina product whom the Mets selected with their first round pick in 2010. Lets fast forward to 2012. Harvey, who is in big-league camp as a “non-roster invitee”, is impressing everyone whose caught a glimpse of him including the likes of the entire Mets coaching staff and front office. Warthen, Collins, Backman and other all marvel at the life on his fastball and the overall quality of his secondary pitches and believe he isn’t that far removed from being major league ready and able to help the Mets. Some of the Mets players have openly come out and said they think he’ll be with the Mets sooner rather than later.

Former Mets and SNY analyst Bobby Ojeda talked to Matt Cerrone (video link) about Matt Harvey after his recent batting practice session.

Ojeda said that Harvey has a clean delivery that will allow him to stay healthy throughout his career. However, Ojeda also remarked that Harvey is nowhere near ready to be a Major-Leaguer. He strongly believes that the highly regarded pitching prospect needs to accumulate more innings in the minors, rather than being called up and pressuring him and putting too much on his plate so early in his pro career. He thinks that calling him up too soon can jeopardize his development and cause him to lose confidence because of too mistakes on the mound.

I can totally understand why so many are excited about Matt Harvey coming up the ladder, but as much as I want to see him hurling for the Mets in 2012, I am going to have to agree with Bobby Ojeda on this one.

Guys like Jason Bay and Terry Collins believe that Harvey will be up with the big-club at some point this year, but in my opinion the Mets CANNOT afford to rush him. Do I need to remind you of what happened when Omar tried that with Mike Pelfrey and Fernando Martinez?

Matt Harvey (along with Zach Wheeer) are part of future for this ballclub. Rushing either of them for some short term gain or just to create some buzz is probably a bad idea. Let them continue to develop and promote them accordingly as they each master each minor league level they are assigned to. Let their own performances push the envelope as to when they are ready for their major league debuts and lets not derail that process with any outside interference based on some early spring buzz.

What do you think? Should the Mets continue to take things slow with Matt Harvey, or should they bring him up sometime in 2012?