It Is Time To Do Something About Mike Pelfrey

I mentioned in my introduction post that the Mets might want to consider moving Mike Pelfrey to the bullpen. Now I am saying that it is time that they do something. It’s become increasingly difficult to rely on him in the starting rotation.

One thing the Mets may want to try is to move him to the bullpen. Give him the long-relief role, that way he can still eat innings for the Mets. In most long relief situations, he would be entering the game with a sizable lead or with the team down. That would likely take some pressure off of him and allow him to just focus on pitching.

Another idea is to send him down to the minors, if he would accept it. Hopefully, he won’t pull an Oliver Perez.

Sending a struggling pitcher down to the minors has worked before for the Mets. Remember Steve Trachsel? He did very well after returning from that minor league assignment.

It’s definitely worth a try in my opinion. Plus, even if it doesn’t work out, during the time Pelfrey is down, that gives the Mets space on the roster to have another pitcher, one who isn’t struggling.

Of course we can simply give up on him completely, but I don’t suggest that just yet. They can try to trade him and see what teams will give up for him.

I think the Mets should at least try to explore the possibility of sending Pelfrey to Buffalo to work on things. If he’s as talented as everyone says he is, he probably won’t be there long. And it could be great for his confidence.