Introduction And Random Thoughts

I am a new writer here, so I thought to start off, before talking Mets, I would introduce myself. I am a 19-year old college student. I have been a fan of the Mets my entire life, but sadly I have not been able to see them win it all. I have had the privilege to go to quite a few games, although I have only been able to go to one game at CitiField. Some of the memorable games I’ve attended were Mike Piazza‘s first game as Met in 1998, Todd Pratt‘s postseason home run in 1999, and Piazza’s last game as a Met in 2005. The Mets have lost most of the games I’ve attended, but occasionally I was treated to an exciting win. I own a game-worn Ty Wigginton batting glove, and I’ve been writing about the Mets since April of 2009.

Now for some of my thoughts about recent Mets events.

Johan Santana did pretty well in his first spring start. Although he didn’t hit 90 (according to the stadium’s radar gun), he has time before the regular season to get back into the 90’s.

I don’t like the Frank Francisco signing. I don’t have a particular reason why, it’s just a feeling I have. I don’t feel he is the right choice to be the Mets closer. Joe hit on some of his troubling trends. He could very well may be the solution for them, but I just don’t think he is.

I believe Mike Pelfrey‘s time as a Met will be ending sometime soon. By that I mean either this year or next. He isn’t being efficient enough for them, and his production isn’t helping them either. However, here’s an idea that might change that… Try moving him to the bullpen. They moved Oliver Perez to the bullpen when he wasn’t working out as a starter, why not try moving Pelfrey? While it didn’t work for Perez, it could work for Pelfrey.

Even though Hojo’s Mojo said that the Mets liked what they saw from C.J. Nitowski, I am wondering if he is even worth bringing in. Especially considering he hasn’t pitched on a Major League team since 2005. That raises some major doubts. If you remember, he played for the Mets before. In 2005, he pitched 5 games with the Mets, had an ERA of 0.00 and a record of 1-0. I just think the Mets would be making a huge mistake in signing him if they did.