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I’m John Delcos from newyorkmetsreport.com. I will be posting for Joe while he is laid up for several days following surgery. Joe and I have teamed up in the past and we will do again throughout the year.

I wish Joe a speedy recovery and hope you will do the same with your comments.

With a week to go before spring training, even despite their low expectations, the Mets aren’t a team without significant issues, most of them injury related:

SANTANA: Will he be ready?

Q: Will Johan Santana be ready for Opening Day?
A: By all accounts, this has been a progressive spring for Santana. However, in yesterday’s start, his velocity was down and with one more start to go he’ll just barely reach the pitch count prescribed for him. While a healthy, productive Santana would undoubtedly give the Mets a jolt, the last thing they need is a setback from him.

Given that, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Santana start the season on an extended spring training to build up his arm strength. This has taken the better part of two years, so what’s another two weeks? The Mets don’t need another setback with Santana, so I see him starting the season in PSL.

Q: What about David Wright?

A: Wright played yesterday for the first time this spring and got a hit. Good for him. Usually a week is not nearly enough time for a hitter to get ready. They could have back dated him on the DL, but that boat has sailed. He’ll be there barring a setback, but expect a slow start.

Q: Can Mike Pelfrey find it between now and Opening Day?

A: No. Impossible. Can’t be done. Pelfrey has had a miserable spring with no signs of becoming the pitcher he was two years ago. Unless he finds a switch to turn it on, the Mets will continue to send out this enigma every five days.

Q: Where’s Jason Bay’s bat?

A: It has been missing since this inexplicable signing and I have no hopes he’ll find it now. ¬†Arguably one of the worst signings in Mets history will play another year because nobody is willing to absorb that horrendous salary. The Mets’ best chance is to hope he finds his stroke and they can salvage the remainder of his contract.

Q: Anybody new coming?

A: Many teams grab somebody off the scrap heap the last week of spring training hoping for a bargain. The Mets just picked up Chris Young. I’m thinking that’s as good as it will get.

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