What Are You Watching For The Most During Spring Training?

With Spring Training right around the corner it’s time to start to get into the baseball spirit. Even though it appears we are not going to be contending for a title this season, there is still plenty to be excited about.  There is always the outside chance that we make it interesting and contend for the second wild card spot.  For that to potentially happen things need to break right for us and players need to step up.  That starts in spring training as the position battles begin and players who we may see arriving for their big league debut later this season will showcase their skills in exhibition games. Here are some of the things I am most interested in seeing this spring.

1. Young players
Some of the notable young players who we will see in spring training are Wilmer Flores, Cesar Puello, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Jeurys Familia and Matt Harvey.  These players may not be there for long, but we will get to see a glimpse of them and how they look on the mound, in the field, and in the batters box.

2. Johan pitching from a mound
Regardless of whether he is ready for opening day we will finally get to see Santana pitching off of a mound.  We will see him throwing during practice and we will see him start some spring training games.

3. Center field and second base position battles
The battles begin in Spring Training and end on opening day. The battle for second base will feature Daniel Murphy who is more known for his bat, and Justin Turner who is more known for his defense.  A sleeper for this spot may be Jordanny Valdespin. Even though he is not supposed to be called up until later in the season, he still could blow the coaching staff away and win the job. Center field will feature a battle between Andres Torres and possibly Scott Hairston or Kirk Niewuenhuis.

Both positions appear to have the starters already named in Murphy and Torres, but you never know what can happen.

4. Our new revamped bullpen and who wins the set up role
We acquired a very talented right hander named Ramon Ramirez from the Giants in the Angel Pagan trade. I am extremely excited to see him in action as he is probably the best and most talented pitcher we will have in our bullpen this season.  John Rauch makes his return to the Mets organization, and we will get our first look at our new closer Frank Francisco. I am interested to see who between Rauch and Ramirez will ultimately win the coveted set up role.

Spring Training is a time to enjoy baseball.  Even teams that may not have World Series aspirations still have things to get excited about. After all, this is baseball and you really never know what is going to happen.

What are some of the things you are most interested in this Spring?

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