We’ll Miss You, Kid!

Over my 19 years of existence, I have watched thousands of archived baseball games.  Whether they are on TV or the Internet, it was always interesting to watch old games from back in the 60’s, 70’s, 80, and 90’s.

However, it was always the regular and post season games of the 1986 Mets that I enjoyed watching the most and found the most exciting. It wasn’t just because they were my favorite baseball team, but because of how some of the players, especially Gary Carter, played the game. Kid and Mex were on completely different levels than everyone else.

I wasn’t old enough to experience the 1986 World Series, but thanks to the availability of video footage, dvd sets, and even SNY Mets Classics, I’ve see Gary Carter play in his prime and I knew immediately that what a special player he was.  I’ve seen enough of Gary Carter to know what a threat he was at the plate and his awesome power especially for a catcher. Defensively his pitchers loved him and he had a cannon for an arm – one of the best arms I’ve ever seen on a catcher. He was a complete ballplayer and a bona fide star.

Two things that really struck me with Carter and that I will always remember about him was his attitude and enthusiasm for the game. No matter the circumstance, no matter what happened during the game, Gary Carter would always show a smile, he just loved to compete. But don’t let that smile fool you, he was as tough as nails.

As for his most memorable game, I will always remember the hit that started one of  the greatest improbable comebacks in World Series History.

We’ll miss you Kid.