There’s No Need To Fear…

Jeff Wilpon handed out orange T-shirts that he had printed with the Underdog logo on them for the players to wear during Spring Training.

“I thought Jeff had a great idea”, Collins said.

David Wright wasn’t to keen on them.

“I don’t really like using the whole underdog thing,” he said. “I don’t like really playing that card. I think it’s just a way to remind everybody in here that the outside expectations aren’t the expectations that we have for ourselves. And I think Terry did a good job of kind of conveying it today, because obviously the expectations from the outside are low, and understandably so.”

Wright refers to Collins’ message to the team this morning in which he said, “There’s 29 teams who think they’re better than the Mets. You know what? If it ticks you off, then we’re doing our job. You’ve got to know how you’re being felt out there.”

Well, at least I now have a better understanding of what Jeff Wilpon does around here. 😉

Updated: Feeling totally embarrassed after botching the original title (Thanks Mr. North Jersey), I thought I’d try to redeem myself. So I tinkered with my photoshop and I think this t-shirt might have worked better:

New title, better tee. Now, everything is right with the world again. Whew!