MMO Fair or Foul: Boycotting The Mets In 2012

This ended up being a terrible weekend for me. What started as a routine doctor visit on Friday, ended up with me being admitted to the hospital for the umpteenth time in the last 3 years. So this is coming to you live from my hospital bed and via my Blackberry.

So anyway, I read this post by Dave Searles of yesterday morning on what has become a frequent topic of debate; boycotting the Mets.

A boycott of Citi Field, he writes, may be necessary to force the three stooges (Jeff, Saul and Fred) to sell the Mets.

In an emotional response to a Mets survey that has been sent out to current and former ticket plan buyers, Searles. A longtime Met fan from the seventies, concludes the following after a harsh indictment of the Wilpons:

I will not be attending any games at Citi Field in 2012. The only way this train wreck of a franchise will get fixed is if we collectively stop enabling the incompetent fools who own the Mets.

If you really love the Mets and can’t bring yourself to switch your allegiance to another team … the best way to show your love in 2012 is to stay away from Citi Field.

That is the only way we will ever get to see just how good Sandy Alderson can be without small market payroll restriction.

This is something I keep hearing more and more of from Mets fans these days, even the die-hards. And while I empathize with them, I think their efforts are futile.

I don’t believe anyone goes to the ballgames to support the owners. Most of the fans I know including me, go to the park because they love the game, the team, and the players. They love the drama of the game, the charm and ambiance of the park, and most of all – cheering and rooting for the home team.

Why take your dissatisfaction with ownership out on the team? I don’t get that.

Also, what does a self imposed ban on Citi Field prove, if you’re still going to watch them on the Wilpon owned SNY anyway? What kind of a protest is that? Seems half-baked to me.

I fell in love with the Mets during the M. Donald Grant years. That was as bad as you could get. Grant was completely against free agency – a far cry from the Wilpons who have been out-spent only by the Yankees since 2000.

Nobody says you need to root for the owner. I’m pretty sure that Miami Marlins fans will go to the games in droves this season despite their disdain for Loria.

If you’re a Met fan and you enjoy going to games, I think its ridiculous to deprive yourself and others from supporting the team.

I’m glad my dad and my uncle took me to the games during the darkest era in Mets history as a child.

It’s a shame that a new generation of kids may be deprived of such an amazing opportunity to fall in love with the Mets the way I did, simply because their dads or uncles were engaged in a silly protest that will ultimately prove ineffective and useless.

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