MLB GMs Tab Wheeler, Harvey Among Top 5 NL East Pitching Prospects

Jonathan Mayo of spoke to general managers from outside each division to get their thoughts on who the top future stars are within that division. It starts today with the NL East. This is the rotation they came up with:

Starting pitchers

  1. Julio Teheran (No. 4 on Top 100; Braves’ No. 1)
  2. Zack Wheeler (No. 28 on Top 100; Mets’ No. 1 )
  3. Arodys Vizcaino (No. 36 on Top 100; Braves’ No. 2)
  4. Matt Harvey (No. 38 on Top 100; Mets’ No. 2)
  5. Randall Delgado (No. 42 on Top 100; Braves’ No. 3)

The Braves, not surprisingly, are stacked with young pitchers. Adding to their value is the fact that all three in this rotation are ready to contribute in the big leagues and have considerable upside. “We like those three guys quite a bit,” one GM said of Atlanta’s trio.

He also liked the pair of Mets he chose, two power-armed right-handers who should have Mets fans excited for the future of the rotation.

Nice to see Harvey and Wheeler as pitchers opposing GMs are very high on. Sure, these two have already been featured atop many a prospect list, but when baseball GMs have a hand in it it says a lot more in my opinion.