Mets Eye Candy: The 1962 Edition

With the New York Mets celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2012, I’ll probably end up doing 4-5 1962 Editions of my “Mets Eye Candy” feature.

Do you know the story about Hall of Fame writer Leonard Koppett during that 1962 season? While burning the midnight oil at his desk in the newsroom of the NY Post, his phone rang at two in the in morning. “I understand the Mets scored 16 runs last night,” the caller said. “Did they win?”, replied Koppett. Here’s some Mets Eye Candy for you…

1962 Mets Media Guide

This rare find set someone back for $1,300 at a recent auction. What I found most interesting was that Shea Stadium was expected to be the home of the 1963 Mets. Of course that never happened, but you already knew that.

Sweet, Sweet Victory!

From left to right you have Rod Kanehl, Jim Hickman, Gil Hodges, Frank Thomas, and Charlie Neal. This was the scene in the clubhouse at the Polo Grounds after the Mets’ first victory at home, an 8-6 comeback win over the Phillies, April 29,1962. Neal belted a pair of home runs in that historic win.

Mets Bobble Mania!

Not one, but two Mets Bobble Heads that year. The one on the left resembles Davey Hansen of the 1960’s children’s show “Davey and Goliath”. The one on the right had a magnetic base so it could be placed on the dashboard of your car.

Who Is This Guy?

Meet catcher Hobie Landrith who has the distinction of being the first player ever selected by the Mets. Manager Casey Stengel drafted Landrith with the Mets’ first pick in the 1961 Expansion Draft. Legend has it that Stengel said, “you have to have a catcher or you’re going to have a lot of passed balls.” The Mets Opening Day catcher had his best game on May 12th when he hit the first walk off home run in Mets history. He was traded 23 games later for “Marvelous” Marv Throneberry.

It’s Friday the 13th!

Calling all conspiracy theorists and friggatriskaidekaphobiacs… I wish I had this beauty in my sports memorabilia collection, but actually Mets fans, this may explain a lot of things. #BlameFriday13

See you next week and keep dreaming in Orange and Blue!