Mets Blogosphere Weighs In On Alderson/Twitter

I wanted to get a sense of what some of the most popular Mets bloggers, Mets personalities and Top Mets Tweeps thought about Sandy Alderson’s foray into Twitter. Most of the people who responded were very positive about it. Check it out…

I love that Sandy is on twitter. It shows he can relate and interact with the fans along with a sense of humor. I think he should continue to do so. Keep the hits coming. No pressure Sandy. šŸ™‚ ~ Lori Martini, Song Writer “Believe” and Actress

I am fine with his foray into Twitter. His sense of humor is something that is fresh and different; as Matt Cerrone said on my Sunday show, he is probably making more fun of the people that cover the Mets, than the team itself. I do think if humor and sarcasm are the foundation of his account, then he might have to watch the timing of the information. I am not sure if the fans will be interested in hearing about the team’s finances in a humorous manner if they are in the midst of losing 12 of 15. If the timing and appropriateness is managed, I think it’s great! ~ Mike Silva, NY Baseball Digest

I think Sandy has chosen the wrong time to break out his stand-up act. He may think it’s funny to tweet about how he’s saving money traveling to Florida, but it is so inappropriate. Because Mets fans, like myself, think it’s sad that we have a ballclub in a city like New York that is virtually broke. Is it funny dumping salary? Is it funny watching a team fall apart and free agents being signed by other clubs as this one withers on the vine? Very insensitive. Or maybe he’s just trying to get fired. ~ Joe Petruccio, Artist – My Mets Journal

When I found out that Sandy was on Twitter, I was excited becuse not only was it another Mets personality to follow on Twitter, but I actually enjoy his Tweets. I understand where some people may believe that he crossed a line, but having a dry, sarcastic sense of humor, I didn’t find them at all offensive. I think the intended PR move with having Sandy on Twitter was for fans to have the ability to interact with their GM, and for Sandy to be able to listen more to the fans. From what I’ve seen on Twitter, people either love his sense of humor or hate it. Like I said, I enjoy Sandy’s tweets and hope that he doesn’t get Thole’d. ~ Jessica DeMattia, It’s All Mets To Me

I think it’s smart for Sandy Alderson to be on Twitter, as he has become the figurehead / face of the franchise and he can use social media channels like this to deflect some of the negative press against the Mets. As a PR professional I appreciate the strategy of controlling the message; if you can’t get other people to write favorable news about your company, then becoming a source and creating good news yourself is an effective alternative tactic to get positive buzz. ~ Joe Janish, Mets Today – ESPN Sweet Spot

I think Sandy diving into Twitter is fantastic. I personally think he’s hysterical and fans are taking it too seriously. He’s having fun with it. One thing I do think the organization is trying to do is make the GM of the team more visible. Typically the GM is a guy that nobody really sees unless being interviewed. Now fans can access him on a minute to minute basis and it appears he will be willing to at some point answer fans questions. In a year where theĀ results may not be so good on the field, I think Sandy on Twitter could lighten the mood some. ~ Joe DeMayo, St. Lucie to Flushing

For a team with a recent history of miscommunication and lack of communication – it can only be a good thing. ~ Jon Chattman, Huffington Post – The Cheap Pop

I have no problem with Sandy’s tweets – I think he’s trying to create levity in a rather down situation. He’s trying to show the organization isn’t thin-skinned IMO & in some respectsĀ is being proactive rather than the usual Mets reactive tendencies. ~ Ed Marcus, Real Dirty Mets

I like that Sandy got onto to twitter. I think it is a great communication tool if it is used right.Ā At first I thought his first few tweets were making fun of the Mets, but upon further review I believe he is making fun of the fans that are making fun of the Mets. At first I thought his first few tweets were a little strange, but since he has said he is going to get serious once Spring training starts I am OK with them. ~ FL Met Fan Rich

To date, I have found Sandy Alderson’s tweets to be entertaining. Unfortunately, some fans and the media take every single thing he tweets to heart (e.g. His early tweets MUST mean he is making fun of the team’s finances!). To me it seems he is just having a good time, poking fun at the ridiculous and over-dramatic responses from fans and others about the team’s current state. I’m not offended by anything he has said. I will say, I have, at times, questioned whether or not it has really been Sandy tweeting. I don’t know him personally, so I can’t say I know his type of humor. Rumor has it though, that this is how he is. I find it refreshing. I think more fans would prefer it if he would interact with his followers. Once this happens (He’s promised to do so once he arrives in Port St. Lucie), I think that will be the time to analyze whether or not his being on twitter is appropriate and beneficial to the team. ~ Kelly Lake, Aerys Sports – Curious Case of Sidd Finch

These are some of the most passionate Mets fans I know and follow. They are all very opinionated.and I always enjoy reading their thoughts on the team. I linked to all of their sites so you can follow them too, and they are all on Twitter if you wish to follow them there as well.

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