Dickey Is The Best Choice For Mets Ace If Johan Isn’t Ready

With the uncertainty of Johan Santana being ready for Opening Day, the idea of R.A. Dickey being the Mets opening day starter are starting to take shape around Metsland.  Dickey was at the Munson Dinner last night where he addressed that possibility with reporters.

I certainly hope that’s not the case. My first reaction would obviously be that I would be honored to do it, but it would be by default, because Johan is our ace. Hopefully he can come back and do what he has always done. If the gauntlet is passed for even a moment, I will try to accept the challenge the best I know how.”

I really like the idea of Dickey being the Mets Opening Day starter. Out of everyone on the Mets starting rotation in 2011, Dickey was probably the Mets’ most consistent pitcher for most of the season.

I understand Dickey is getting up there in age, but the fact of the matter is, he is the Mets best pitcher until Johan Santana proves otherwise or Pelfrey and Niese really step up big. If for some reason Santana is not able to go on Opening Day, I think Dickey will do just fine and possibly even thrive in that role.