Will Justin Turner Get Caught In A Numbers Game

As was reported on MMO yesterday, the New York Mets have signed defensive-minded shortstop Ronny Cedeno to a one-year, $1.1 million dollar contract.

Cedeno, 28, was the Pirates starting shortstop since they acquired him in 2009. In 313 games for the Bucs, Cedeno batted a meager .254/.297/.367/.664 in 1,126 plate appearances. Obviously he’s here for one purpose and that is to backup Ruben Tejada at shortstop where the Mets have an organizational depth problem.

This signing comes at the heels of the Omar Quintanilla signing last week which makes it tough to figure out. Both are very weak offensive players and are known more as glovemen, with one having more experience at shortstop and the other at second base, but why sign two of these types of players?

The Mets have already decided to bring back Mike Baxter for the bench and still are in the market for a fifth outfielder according to statements made by Sandy Alderson in the last 48 hours. Fernando Martinez could also be an option for the Mets bench if they fail to sign another free agent.

With a healthy Ike Davis back at first base, and Daniel Murphy expected to get the bulk of playing time at second base, it would seem that last year’s fan favorite, Justin Turner, may not just be looking at a real shortage of playing time, but he may not even make the cut out of spring training.

One thing going against Turner is that Murphy and Tejada are entrenched, Cedeno got a major league deal, and Turne has the not so good fortune of having a couple of options left on him. That means he could be sent to the minors without passing through waivers where the Mets could risk losing him.

It looks like Turner could get caught up in a real numbers game for that last bench spot.