Which Of Our Top Pitching Prospects Are You Most Excited About?

The big three pitching prospects that we have looming down in the minors gives me an eerily familiar feeling. Haven’t we heard this before?  Does “Generation K” and the names of Jason Isringhausen, Bill Pulsipher and Paul Wilson ring a bell?  This was supposed to be our home grown trio of Superstars in the 90’s. These were the guys who were supposed lead us to a World Series title. Sadly that never happened. By the time Piazza led the Mets to the Series in 2000 against the Yankees none of these three pitches were even with the orgqnization anymore.

The talk and hype around our new big three of Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and Jeurys Familia, while exciting, leaves me with some reservations.

We have seen and heard this before. Aside from the occasional Mike Pelfey or Jon Niese the Mets have not developed a top of the rotation starter since Doc.

I am hopeful that this time Will be different. This is first time in recent memory that we have had pitchers thoroughly dominate the minor leagues like Harvey and Familia did last season. Wheeler may have the best stuff of the three, but needs cut down on his wildness to reach that full potential.

Doc Gooden burst on the scene and pitched us to a World Series title. We have really lacked in the department of producing front line pitchers from our system since then. The hitting side has been much more forgiving, as it has given us the likes of Reyes, Wright and Davis.

Not only that, We have not even been able to produce a very good or solid #2 or #3 from out system. Guys like Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese while they have potential and show flashes, they still continue to struggle with inconsistency and numbers that are more suitable for a back of the rotation starter.

I have to be honest, I am just not sure which one of the big three I am most excited about. They all feel different to me, and each situation has it’s own potential barriers.

I just keep thinking that one of these years things just have to break right for us. I have hope now because these guys are not just being hyped by their potential like Wilmer Flores, yet putting up poor numbers in the process. These young phenoms are taking care of business at every level as they make their way to the big leagues. Not only are they pitching well, but they are making improvements as they go and adding pitches to their arsenal to make them more well rounded pitchers.

I can’t wait to see what they do this year, but at this point I just can’t make up my mind who I am most excited about. Can you?