Where Will Prince Fielder Land?

Happy New Year Everyone!  With not a whole lot to talk about today, I’ve got something to talk about.  Where will Prince Fielder land?

It’s really surprising to see that Fielder has not signed yet.  We expected Fielder to ramp up his negotiations after Albert Pujols signed with the Los Angeles Angels. However, it appears that he has slowed down in his pursuit of a new team.

According to Fielder’s agent Scott Boras, the process of getting Fielder acquainted with MLB general managers and owners has been time consuming.  Teams like the Cubs, Nationals, Orioles, and the Mariners are interested in his services.

The team that signs Fielder will no doubt receive one of the best offensive players in Major League Baseball today.  Fielder has the ability to hit bombs and when I say bombs, I literally mean bombs. He’s an RBI machine and also one of the most versatile players in the game.

At the moment, it appears that the Orioles are the favorites to land Fielder. Reports say that the Orioles are willing to go 8-years on a $160 million dollar deal.

There have been rumors that Fielder could sign a short-term contract of around 3-years, but I disagree – not with Scott Boras running the show.

As far as other teams go, it’s been very quiet. The Cubs have expressed interest in Fielder, but some say he might even end up with the Nationals.

GM Mike Rizzo has already said that Adam Laroche will be the team’s first basemen in 2012, so if Fielder signs with the Nats, then there could be some drama coming (just like what happened with Hanley after the Reyes signing).

If Baltimore is the only team willing to give Fielder a huge contract, then I expect he will sign there and forego and probable post season runs.

Things might change, but at this point it’s looking good for the O’s.

Who do you think will land Prince Fielder?