Terry Collins’ Twitter Recap

Terry Collins did an outstanding job today answering questions from Mets fans on Twitter. Here are some of the highlights:

Are you worried Wright trade rumors could distract him & the team?

David Wright is a true professional – he understands that rumors are part of the business.

With so many new faces in the clubhouse this year, what do you do to help the team gel together and become a cohesive team?

We try and do team building events in spring training, like bowling, family days, etc.

Terry, is the bullpen this year an improvement over last season – or are the losses going to be difficult to replace?

We feel we’ve improved our bullpen.

Who is the team’s closer?

Frank Francisco

With new fences coming in, who benefits most on the team?

I believe with the reconfiguration a lot of our players will benefit.

Terry, are you going to practice bunting more this spring? The team showed that it couldn’t bunt (other than Jose) last year.

We need to improve our bunting, there is no question.

With all the media and fan negativity going around do you think people are unfairly underestimating your 25 man roster?

Our job is to put a product on the field that fans can be proud of. Often times negativity is our motivation.

Which Spring Training invitee and you most looking forward to getting a look at?

Matt Harvey

What’s the biggest thing you think needs improvement this year?

Our game is about pitching – we need to pitch better.

What do you say to the guys this season to keep them motivated, especially with nobody giving you a shot?

This is the big leagues – it’s about execution. This game is played on the field, not in the papers.

Hoping to see Murph pick up where he left off. What are you expecting from him? Bench? Starting 2B?

Dan’s work ethic will get him past his leg injury. He is coming into spring training as the favorite to be at second base.

How can u seriously expect fans to pay to see a team who’s only move this offseason involved a wall?

This game is played on the field and the team that plays best wins, not necessarily the best team.

How are you going to replace the speed you lost with Reyes departing?

You can not teach speed, but you can teach good base running.

Will you try and hit-and-run more this year in an effort to make up for a decrease in team speed?

That’s a very, very good question. Obviously we have to do a better job of getting players in scoring position & that’s one way.

How many innings are you hoping to get from Johan this upcoming season?

We’re trying not to put a number on it but hopefully looking to get 25 or more starts.

Who are your 5 starting pitchers, as of now, for the upcoming season?

Santana, Dickey, Niese, Pelfrey and Gee not necessarily in that order.

Would you agree you don’t need superstar SS to win?

To win you need a good shortstop, whether he’s a super star or not and we feel Ruben Tejada is that type of guy.

With the dwindling payroll how do you see the team being able to compete in the future?

We’ve done a good job signing young talent and now we have to develop it.

Who do you project as the clean-up hitter heading into spring training?

As we sit here today, Ike Davis.

If Johan isn’t ready, who is your Opening Day pitcher?

Haven’t decided yet.

Fantastic job by Terry…

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