Mets Could Have Largest Payroll Cut in MLB History

Over at ESPN Adam Rubin points out that as of right now it appears as if the Mets will cut more money in one off season than any time in history saying,

the Mets appear poised to have the biggest one-year payroll drop in MLB history — roughly $52 million. That would surpass the former record: $48.4 million by the Texas Rangers from 2003 to 2004, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Wow. I had realized they were cutting a lot of money from the payroll, but I hadn’t realized it was a historical amount.

This just adds onto the amount of evidence out there suggesting that the Wilpon’s time owning the team could be running out. When the article has quotes from Fred Wilpon saying, “I think we have to get the fans back at the stadium. That’s a necessity. That’s the lifeblood,” and yet Fred still has the team cutting the payroll this much, knowing it is going to scare fans away even more, it highlights just how bad things are financially.

Fred’s hands appear to be tied financially and that means scary times ahead for any Mets fans out there.