Is Being A Met Fan Like A Greek Tragedy?

David Groveman of Mack’s Mets had an interesting post in which he compares Mets fans to the Greek mythological figure King Sisyphus who was cursed to rolling a huge boulder uphill for eternity.

The tragic fate of this Jerk of a King is similar in many ways to my experience as a Met fan. The Mets begin to climb back into relevance with Mike Piazza. They reach the world series (a year late) and fall to the Yankees. Then… that team starts to crumble. Then… they re-build. They bring in Carlos Beltran and Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine. They promote Jose Reyes and David Wright… The team makes in to the NLCS and would go onto the World Series… but Yadier Molina… Then… the team starts to crumble. They try to cobble things together to keep that boulder from sliding all the way back down… but nothing works.

Here we are. At the bottom of the hill. The boulder that is the New York Mets is heavy, and reaching the top seems impossibly hard. Perhaps this time will be THE time, and we’ll finally escape the MLB equivalent of Tartarus. Perhaps we’re destined to watch that boulder backslide a few more times. Time will tell.

That might be one of the best analogies of a Met fan I’ve read in quite some time. Nice job, David!

Read the entirety of his post here.

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