From Left Field: Do You Bleed Orange And Blue?

Our site moderator Joe D. informed us a few days ago of a blood drive that the Mets are hosting Thursday, Jan. 5 at Citi Field.

The team is offering a voucher for free tickets to a select game in April for anyone that donates.

It got me thinking, how many fans would be willing to bleed for their team?

OK, so it’s only a pint of blood, but there are many people out there who are afraid of needles or don’t like the sight of their own or someone else’s blood.

If I were around, I’d be the first in line to donate Thursday. I donated last year at a local mall in which the prize was a pair Mets tickets.

I’m a regular blood donator, so the chance to get Mets tickets would merely be an added bonus to something that I would do any way.

But I’m curious, how many people who are not regular donators will be going out of their way on Thursday just to score free tickets to see the Mets?

It’s not like Mets tickets are so impossible to get because the team has been great for the last few years. In fact, this, like the team’s coat drive, is an “excuse” to give away tickets. I say “excuse” because both are really for great causes and should be thought about even without the prize of free tickets.

Giving a coat is one thing, but enduring the pain of a needle for someone not accustomed to it can be a traumatic experience.

Not to mention that the game the team is offering is in April, which will likely be a freezing cold early season night in Flushing.

But again, we’ll find out who truly “bleeds” orange and blue. Hopefully, the blood drive has a great turnout and those fans show up in full force to Citi Field.

So back to the previous question: Are there any fans out there who aren’t regular donators that are willing to sacrifice in order to see their favorite team live and for free?

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