First Bernie, Then Beltran

With Carlos Beltran leaving the Mets via trade and then signing with the Cardinals, there appears to be a lot of nostalgia going around about his career.

In fact, it seems lately that Carlos Beltran and “Hall of Fame,” have been seen together in several discussions with Mets fans.

Personally, I think the Hall of Fame is getting a bit too watered down. I love that a guy like Ron Santo got elected (though I find it embarrassing he got voted in after he passed away), but I question what he did from the day he retired to 2011 that suddenly made him an All-Time Great?

Bert Blyleven is another guy I have serious doubts on. It’s almost becoming a Heisman type candidacy where you need to drum up a campaign to get elected, even though your campaign should be the time you spend on the field.

I am not saying if a player doesn’t get elected in their 1st try that they shouldn’t get another chance, I just think there’s too much at stake for Cooperstown year after year to NOT have anybody get elected.

What would a summer in Cooperstown be like if nobody made the cut? It’d set that town back a ton.

I think of the Hall of Fame and I think of All-Time Greats. Not good players, not even better than good. All-Time Greats. I want them to be Elite during the prime of their career and I want them to have enough longevity to accomplish significant career milestones.

For me, Carlos Beltran is not a Hall of Famer today, and he shouldn’t be 5 years from now unless he compiles some insane seasons as he heads toward retirement.
When I think of Beltran as a CF in this era, I compare him to Bernie Williams. Take a look at Carlos v. Bernie through their 1st 14 years in the Major Leagues.

Carlos Beltran:  1,184 Runs, 1,917 Hits, 390 Doubles, 73 Triples, 302 HR, 1,146 RBI, 293 SB, 831 BB, 1,213 K, .283 AVG, .361 OBP, .496 SLG, OPS+ 121, Top 10 MVP 2x, Silver Slugger 2x, Gold Glove 3x, All-Star 6x, Rookie of the Year Winner, 2 Post-seasons, 0 World Series appearances.

Now Bernie Williams: 1,248 Runs, 2,097 Hits, 401 Doubles, 54 Triples, 263 HR, 1,132 RBI, 144 SB, 983 BB, 1,084 K, .301 AVG, .388 OBP, .488 SLG, OPS+ 129, Top 10 MVP 2x, 1x Silver Slugger, 4x Gold Glove, 5x All-Star, 10 Post-seasons, 4 World Series championships.

For me, Bernie Williams isn’t a Hall of Famer because I try to look at the entire picture but if you’re asking me who was a better CF over their 1st 14 seasons, I’m sorry but I believe Bernie Williams was.

I know there are plenty of Mets fans out there that wouldn’t put Bernie in the HOF, but if those same fans are the ones claiming Beltran deserves a chance as of now then I am sorry but you can’t have one without the other.

Beltran needs over 400 hits to even catch Williams, and Williams only played for 16 years.

For me, if Beltran was to get to the Hall of Fame it’d be because he had an outstanding ending to his career with another 4+ years.

If you don’t consider Bernie a Hall of Famer, then you cannot consider Beltran one, it’s as simple as that.

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