2012 MLB Draft: Trey Williams, 3B, Valencia HS

With the hot stove season nearing its end, I’ll be chipping in a lot less on Mets news, and focus more on the upcoming First Year Player Draft in June, as I did last year. I’m currently working on my own “Top 15 Draft Prospects” list and a “Five Players To Watch” piece for the Mets top selections in 2012. Both will be ready in early February. I’m not going to do any mock drafts like I did last year, but instead I’m going to bring you some of the many mock drafts that will be popping on the web only as it pertains to the Mets. It will be a good way to get some perspective on who some see the Mets drafting. I’m also setting up several Q&A style interviews with some of the experts who focus on the MLB Draft. I also want to thank Joe for the spiffy graphic.

Let’s leadoff with this mock draft from Buried Treasure who has the Mets pegged for third baseman Trey Williams out of Valencia High School in California with the #12 selection.


The Mets are a mess.  Financially and ownership-wise who knows exactly what is going to happen.  On the baseball side of things, what is clear is that the Mets were unable to retain Jose Reyes and so a rebuild is probably on.  Carlos Beltran netted Zach Wheeler last year at the trade deadline and then the Mets drafted Brandon Nimmo.  Those two, along with Matt Harvey give the Mets some high-upside talent in the minor leagues.  Add Trey Williams, a potential all-star at 3B with a great bat and a great glove, and the Mets farm system will begin to look very healthy.  As an aside, I think the Mets should try to trade David Wright while he still has value, along with entertaining the idea of moving guys like Ruben Tejada, Jon Niese and even Ike Davis.

Anyway, back to Trey Williams.  Williams is athletic, but his stocky build makes him a candidate for 3B rather than the OF or SS.  That same build is indicative Williams’s power, which is impressive.  Williams combines that raw, muscular power with elite bat speed that should allow him to be a premium homerun threat as a pro.  Williams also has an advanced approach for a high schooler that should allow him to be a complete hitter.  The kid isn’t a slouch in the field either.  Williams has quick reactions and plenty of arm that should allow him to be an above-average or better defensive 3B.  Glove and bat, Williams should be a complete, two-way player, and should be a welcome addition to any farm system.

What, no Mark Appel? Just kidding, I think Williams will most likely be there when the Mets are up, but I have a sneaky suspicion they are hoping that they can use this pick to snatch up an offensive minded shortstop or catcher and I have two names in mind.