Wright Staying Put? I Don’t Think So…

Rockies beat reporter Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post, said via Twitter:

“My understanding is that the Mets will hold on to David Wright until the Trade Deadline,”

I’m not buying it one bit… As I felt and said all through the 2011 season – that the Mets would never re-sign Jose Reyes – I have that same feeling and even more so for David Wright.

Wright is owed $15 million this season and the Mets are now in even worse financial shape than a year ago.

There’s no way they can afford to pay Wright, Santana and Bay $57 million dollars for the upcoming season, and the only one in that group they can move is Wright – and move him they will.

We’ll see how my instincts serve me on this, but so far they’ve served me well on all this financial turmoil and it’s aftermath and domino effect which I’ve frequently spoke about.

As for the suggestion that the Mets should/could re-sign Wright for 7/$100 or something similar to what Ryan Zimmerman will get from the Nationals?

Dream on, Alice, you’ll get to Wonderland…

Original Post 12/30

Take this with a grain of salt. Chuck Johhnson of NY Baseball Digest just reported the following:

A number of sources are indicating the Mets are stepping up their attempts to move their only remaining moveable contract, that of David Wright. With Johan Santana once again shut-down and doubtful to be ready for Opening Day and Jason Bay owning a full-no trade clause, Wright’s $15 million dollar salary is Sandy Alderson’s only money saving option left.

Now I don’t know who Chuck Johnson is, but after going through all of his previous posts, the only other time he sourced something was back in October when he wrote this:

Earlier today, a source close to the Mets situation told me the team will make a “cursory” offer to Jose Reyes, but do not want him back, nor will conduct long-term negotiations. “Reyes will not be back,” the source said. “Any offer will be window dressing.”

I don’t usually pay attention to blog sourced rumors, but he did end his story with something I’ve been trying to tell my readers for about three months now.

Whether this comes to fruition or not remains to be seen, but it’s the events of the last few days and the resumption of the Wright talks clearly point to the Mets’ financial situation being direr than anyone could possibly imagine.

Yes, that’s true enough.

Earlier today I said that Mets fans were being played like pawns in an elaborate con.

Things are dire… very dire.

As for trading Wright, I’ve always expected it and I do think he’s as good as gone by the trade deadline. But maybe I underestimated just how bad things really are? Maybe they’ll just have to move him now rather than pay more than half of the $15 million dollars he is owed between now and July.

What’s that old saying? A million saved is a million earned.

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