Why I Won’t Boo Jose Reyes

For the last few week’s i’ve been mentally preparing myself for the inevitable fate that Jose Reyes would sign with the Miami Marlins. As much as I tried to stay as optimistic as I could, realistically I knew the team was moving in a different direction. This regime will not give 6 year contracts to players with an injury riddled past as grey as Reyes.

Some Mets fan’s will kick and scream and demand the Wilpon’s heads. How could they not be willing to give Jose Reyes 106 million? Are you really that broke? That cheap? Is this not New York? However these fan’s are misunderstanding the situation. The Mets did not let Reyes walk because of the money. Believe me they have the money to lock Reyes up for as long as they want. And TRUST ME they know how valuable he was toward the on-field product. His value will reflect worse in the attendance figures for the the 2012 season then in the actual standings. The Mets will survive without Reyes, and they won’t have his looming leg injuries to worry about. Especially with a contract as hefty as 106 million over 6 years to boot.

As far as why I won’t boo Jose Reyes upon his return to New York?

How could I boo someone who made a sound life decision for himself and his family? He got the contract he was hoping for (100+ mil), He will be playing in Miami, which is a growing Sports city (see Miami Heat), Brand New Stadium, Brand New (Latin) Manager, Friends (or acquaintances?) on the team (Hanley Ramirez). All this add’s up to a very successful new life for Jose Reyes in South Beach.

I would never boo Jose Reyes for making the decision he made. Will it hurt to watch him play 20+ games a year vs. the Mets? Absolutely. He was my favorite player. He was also the lifeblood of the very energy that flowed through the team in past years (when he was healthy). However that was then and this is now. New Mets team’s will create new chemistry. New energy. Will it be sad not to see Number 7 running and jumping around being himself next season? Yes. But with new team’s come new favorite players and new excitement.

Here’s toward the future! Let’s Go Mets!