What If Jose Reyes Had Switched Agents?

Before you read this, understand that I want nothing more than to see the Mets re-sign Jose Reyes (within reason).  That said, I want to shed some light on all the latest Jose Reyes news of the last 2-3 days with the caveat that I do so not as a biased Mets fan, but as an impartial and objective observer.

Some facts:

  • Over one month into the process, and Jose Reyes has only been courted by one team – the Miami Marlins.
  • The Mets have yet to even make an offer to Reyes, but continue to monitor the situation.
  • Jose Reyes has one number in his head and it’s $100,000,000.00.
  • Jose Reyes declined to discuss a deal with the Mets when his agents were asked for a starting point.
  • Sandy Alderson decided the best strategy was to let other teams set the market for Jose.

Those are some of the facts that we’ve learned over the past six weeks. What shocks the hell out of me is that in all this time, Jose Reyes has just one offer – one. He’s only met with one team – one. Does anyone find this a little odd? Why the lack of interest in a 28-year old shortstop who plays good defense and just won a batting title?

If you ask me, I think his agents have done a lousy job handling this whole situation. Do any of you remember back in May when it was learned that Scott Boras was trying to recruit Reyes to his camp?

Reyes actually held a press conference before a game and ended any speculation of a potential partnership with Boras and announced that he would stay with his current agent, Peter Greenberg.

“No chance,” Reyes said. “Scott Boras and I talked a couple of times on the phone. He’s always tried to get me since the minor leagues, but like I said, I’m happy with my agents. I’m happy with Peter.”

Not for nothing, but if there’s one truth in baseball it’s this, if you want the big-bucks go with Scott Boras.

Boras has an incredible way of showcasing his star clients with 100-page presentation binders, a highlights DVD, autographed 8x10s, etc. that he sends to all 30 teams, AND he is the aggressor. He picks up the phone and contacts every team especially the ones that he knows could use his client’s talents. He is like the ring master who controls the entire show.

If someone calls him and asks him for a number, you can bet that team will get a number. It might not be a number you want to hear, but you’ll get a number – that’s for sure.

I think Reyes goofed by sticking with Greenberg. If he wanted all the money he could get, he should of gotten an agent who thrives on that kind of a challenge.

Sorry Jose, but when all is said and done, I don’t think you’ll get that $100 million contract you so desperately wanted.

Reyes sticking with Greenberg improves the Mets chances of re-signing Reyes at a reasonable amount.