Should The Mets Go After Jaime Moyer?

With the Mets strapped for cash, and lacking starting pitching depth, a cheap option could be the 49-year old Jaime Moyer. Moyer could not only fill the hole in the rotation should Santana not be ready come Opening Day, but also serve as a mentor to the younger pitchers. With a club that lacks leadership, a guy like Moyer brings a veteran presence, to say the least, and could be a great influence on the young, 2012 New York Mets ballclub.

In particular, Moyer would be a great influence on Dillon Gee. There are a number parallels between the two hurlers and I think Moyer could teach him how to use his incredible control to the best of his ability. Like Moyer, Gee does not have overpowering stuff, but knows where to place the ball and can put it exactly there. The way Moyer has remained a successful pitcher throughout his 24-year career is because he can get inside the head of a batter. He’ll make a hitter think that there is a fastball coming right over the plate, then throw a big bender that will miss their bats. If he can teach Gee his craft, a move like this could not only help the Mets short-term, but down the road for seasons to come.

Moyer is coming off Tommy John Surgery and hasn’t pitched since July of 2010. Last we heard from the oldest active player in the game was that he threw a bullpen session for scouts and the results were “excellent”. Prior to his injury, Moyer went 9-9 with a 4.84 ERA with the Phillies.

At the tender age of 49, Moyer still intends to play in 2012. With a lot to prove after that surgery, he could come relatively cheap, which speaks volumes to Sandy Alderson. Alderson likes under-the-radar, medium to high-risk deals, and Moyer is exactly that.

I say he would be a good fit for the Mets. Thoughts?

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