Mets Will Need Fast Start In 2012 Or It Will Be A Long Summer

Jose Reyes has left for Miami, and we wish him nothing but success. It’s time now to prepare for life without Reyes and look ahead to the 2012 season.

In 2012, the Mets cannot sleep-walk through the month of April, they’ll need to leave spring training ready for serious baseball action and get off to a strong start

Looking ahead, the Mets open the season at home with three games against the Braves and three against what should be an improved Washington Nationals ball club. The Braves always come ready to play, so if the Mets wind up opening their homestand at 3-3, I’d be thrilled. The opening road trip features three against the Phillies, and three more against the Marlins. It would not be outrageous to see the Mets with double digits in the loss column at this point.

You can circle April 24th on your calendars, that’s when the Jose Reyes led Marlins make their initial appearance at Citi Field. It could also be the last time this season that Citi Field might boast a full house.

The Mets schedule so very tough in April, that they could not win a single series until they play the Astros on April 30 through May 2!! Fifteen of the Mets first 23 games are against NL East rivals. Wins in April are every bit as important as wins in September. For these suddenly transformed Mets, early wins could spark an interest in the team that can draw fans and create some enthusiasm, the alternative to that could be bad and fan interest could dwindle.

Things get slightly better in May. The Mets will see the Phillies six times in May and the play the Marlins three times. They also see the surprising Arizona Diamondbacks, as well as the Brewers in May – two playoff teams. However in May there does seem to be a chance where the Mets can go on a nice run when they play the Blue Jays, Pirates and Padres. The big question is, will it be too late for the Mets by then?

In 2012 the Mets will commemorate 50 years of baseball. If the Mets do not get off to a fast start and become relevant, Citi Field will resemble Shea Stadium circa 1979, and even a resurrected Banner Day will not bring the fans back.