Mets Today: How Long Is Mets Rebuilding Plan?

Joe Janish of Mets Today asks the question, “how long is the Mets rebuilding plan?”

Assuming you believe the Mets are in a “rebuilding phase”, how long do you think the rebuilding plan will last? And why / how did you arrive at that time frame?

The reason I ask is because there seems to me to be a wild variance among fans as to what constitutes “rebuilding” and a disagreement as to how long such a phase should occur. Some think it can be as short as a year; others believe it requires five years or more; and the rest of the fan base thinks the length fits somewhere in between.

I guess first you have to admit that we are rebuilding, a notion that the front office always disputes. As recently as yesterday, Sandy Alderson said he expects to have a competitive team in 2012, and soon after the season ended he said he would not punt the 2012 season.

That doesn’t sound like rebuilding, but if you forget the words and look at the actions, it tells a completely different story. What is it that they always say? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck, right?

Now as to the answer to Janish’ question, I would say there is no concrete answer. It actually depends on a lot of things and different variables. If Matt Harvey comes up next June and pitches like Dwight Gooden and Lucas Duda starts hitting like Darryl Strawberry then the rebuild could be complete in as little as one year if you fill in the missing parts via trades or free agency like GM Frank Cashen did. If both those players and other top prospects flop like former top prospects Eddie Kunz, Brad Holt and Alex Escobar did, it could take five, six, seven or even ten years. Ask the Pirates, Royals or Athlethics, they seem to be experts in rebuilding.


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