Mets Lose Jose Reyes: Welcome to Last Place in the NL East

The New York Mets’ core has officially broken up with the news that Jose Reyes has gone to the Miami Marlins.

Both Ken Rosenthal and Buster Olney have confirmed that the deal is done. It is a six-year deal worth $106 million.

Seeing the final terms of the deal makes it much worse that the Mets let Reyes go, especially considering that he went to a team within their own division.

There is a lot of blame that needs to be put on the Mets front office.

Reyes got under $18 million a year in this deal, something that the Mets could have at least come close to.

The future for the New York Mets is beginning to look more and more bleak. All of the teams around them are getting better and the Mets seem to be taking steps backwards.

In addition to Reyes, the Miami Marlins have already added Heath Bell and are in the running for Albert Pujols.

Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper are two of the most exciting young players in baseball and they will continue to get better. The Washington Nationals ownership is also willing to spend money to improve the team.

The Philadelphia Phillies are the reigning NL East champions and they have one of the best rotations in the game. They will be good for another few years.

Additionally, the Atlanta Braves have a mix of good young players and prospects as well as some solid veterans.

All of the teams in the National League East are in a position to compete except for one.

The New York Mets and their fans will be in for a very long season. It would not be surprising to see a fire sale this summer when the team is more than ten games out of the wild card race before the trade deadline.

It will not be surprising to see the Mets near the bottom of the standings for most, if not all of the 2012 season. If they do not make any major additions, the Mets will go from an 85-loss team in 2011 to a 95-loss team in 2012.

This marks the start of a long and potentially painful rebuilding process for the New York Mets. There needs to be blame placed on someone within the organization for this.

Sandy Alderson was happy to take the Mets’ job last season and after this, he better enjoy it while it lasts.

New York City does not tolerate losing and the Mets are now in a position where they will lose a lot more games than they win. This does not bode well for a general manager.

The Mets lack of action signals a long and cold winter for their fans.