It’s Official: Mets Are Now A Moneyball Team

Last night it became official, the Mets, a baseball team playing in the sports capital that is New York, lost the best shortstop they ever had to the small market Miami Marlins.

The Miami Marlins as we all know signed the National League Batting Champion to a six-ear deal worth $102 million dollars with a team option for a 7th year which is a great deal for both sides. I know some bloggers and authors won’t agree because Sandy can do no wrong but he has lost us Reyes because of his a Moneyball philosophy. In fact Sandy Alderson did not even try to top nor match this offer – he never made any offer at all. This was admitted when he was talking with reporters when he arrived in Dallas last night.

I’m not shocked, it was always reported that Jose Reyes wasn’t an Alderson guy and last night that became crystal clear. With Reyes now officially a former New York Met the Mets have officially embraced Moneyball. Last year’s acquisitions of cheap players that no other team wanted like Boyer, Buccholz, Carrasco, Hairston, Harris, Paulino and Young were just a preview into what was to come and the future that awaits this franchise. These players did nothing to help the team and the other general managers knew that and stayed away.

Now that the Mets are playing Moneyball this is going to be the norm and we should get used to it with Sandy Alderson as the general manager. As we have seen with other Moneyball teams when they’re homegrown star players become free agents they let them walk to the teams that see how special these players are and are willing to pay for their talents.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Jose Reyes was allowed to walk with no offer from the great and powerful Sandy Alderson, that’s the Moneyball way after all. Sandy made it known from day one that he had no interest in having Jose Reyes on his team. It started on the dark day when Bud Selig got him the job and days after assuming control Alderson said there would be no talks of an extension with Jose Reyes before the 2011 season started – even after Reyes said he’d be willing to negotiate a deal up until the season started. But Alderson’s mind was made up.

As it became clear that Reyes was having a great year in 2011, Sandy and his friends in the front office made a token gesture to try and trick the fans that he wanted to talk about a possible extension with Jose Reyes, knowing fully well that Reyes and his agents made clear that once the 2011 season started there would be no extension talks during the season. Reyes wanted concentrate on baseball during the baseball season, and talk contract during the offseason as many players prefer and do.

Alderson then went on SNY and said he was dedicating the entire of month of October to re-signing Jose Reyes. Naturally October came and went there was no offer made to Jose Reyes. So much for sign Jose Reyes month. In fact he made clear there would be “no preemptive offer for Jose Reyes”, and that he would “let other teams set the market.”

We’ve seen this with many other teams, but I never imagined a big market team especially one in New York would ever have a general manger that would allow this to happen.

Instead of having Jose Reyes at short for the next six years we will have 21-year old Ruben Tejada. A player who cannot field, throw, hit and run nearly as good as Jose Reyes . He also brings zero energy to the team and the fanbase the way Jose Reyes can do. Tejada is cheap and that is all that matters when it comes to Moneyball. That is all that matters to Sandy Alderson and his guys in the front office.

You know how Moneyball teams like the Oakland A’s only draw crowds when teams like the Yankees or former star players come to town? Well that is what will happen with Citi Field. There will be crowds to see the Yankees and the return of Jose Reyes and as has been the case for a couple of seasons now, Phillies fans will outnumber Mets fans when those two get together.. Other than that we won’t be seeing crowds at Citi FIeld. It will be a as quiet as tomb, Alderson’s Tomb.

For those that wanted the Mets to be a Moneyball team, rejoice – you got it. Enjoy seeing the Moneyball Mets in last place, because they’re going to be there for a considerable time.