It’s A Good Thing Pujols Isn’t A Marlin

So Albert Pujols is heading to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for the next decade, which is great news for Mets fans. Pujols had been heavily courted by the Miami Marlins before deciding to head out west.

Though the Mets will have to deal with Jose Reyes within the division for the next six years (or at least until the Marlins trade him away like they do all their star talent), no Pujols in the division is a big plus.

Albert Pujols

Granted, the current Marlins first baseman, Gaby Sanchez, is becoming synonymous with Pat Burrell in being an ultimate Met-killer. But then again, Pujols is Pujols.

The Marlins order is already going to be difficult to pitch to with Mike Stanton, Logan Morrison, Hanley Ramirez (if he stays) and now Reyes. Just imagine if “The Machine” was placed right in the middle.

Since many Mets fans have already given up 2012 and possible 2013 (I haven’t just yet), the non-Pujols signing may not be felt until the Mets are competitive once more, whenever that may be.

Pujols to the AL makes the most sense since he’ll have the option to DH in the latter stages of his career. It will be weird when the Mets play the St. Louis Cardinals to not see Pujols in the middle of the order.

The Marlins have been the talk of the league, bringing in Reyes, former Met Heath Bell and lefty Mark Buehrle. However, adding Pujols would have made them the hands-down favorites in the NL East.

While the Mets may not have much of a shot at the division title this year, not having to deal with Pujols in the division when the team does become relevant again is a big win.

Indirectly, Pujols signing with the Angels could be the move that most affects the Mets this offseason, except of course for the Reyes deal.

In Alderson we trust? You be the judge.

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