Even The Believers Stop Believing At Some Point

Before I start, I have to admit to my bias. I have lost a lot of faith in the direction of the franchise. It is well defined at this point and it is not the way I would handle things. There was a glimmer of hope in all of us that really felt in the back of our minds that Jose Reyes would somehow return to the Mets. It’s impossible to play for a team that never made you an offer, but honestly, the Reyes issue has beaten to death in 48 hours. I really do not see any reason for me to continue on about that.

I am genuinely worried about the franchise in this upcoming year. Adam Rubin reported that Alderson made a comment earlier: it was more likely that he would sign multiple cheaper players than one expensive one. He held true to that statement by signing Frank Francisco/Jon Rauch yesterday and also acquired Ramon Ramirez. Kudos on that last one.

Jon Rauch, Ramon Ramirez, Frank Francisco, Bobby Parnell, Manny Acosta, Tim Byrdak, Josh Stinson, DJ Carrasco, Pedro Beato, Daniel Ray Herrera are all in the mix for the bullpen arms next year. That doesn’t include guys like Miguel Batista or Jason Isringhausen who have also been linked to the Mets in a possible return. Alderson clearly went ahead and decided to go with quantity over quality. He also made it clear that Wright would not be moved this offseason, either.

As I mentioned before, I lost faith in the franchise. The feeling I seem to have developed is that Alderson is here to get rid of everybody under the guise of rebuilding. Last year, the team was not expected to perform well. Injuries hit again and the team still held itself afloat in a position that most people were surprised to see. So we gutted our team and traded our best offensive player and above-average closer to save money. I’m a firm believer in the idea that you can compete and rebuild at the same time – this ownership just doesn’t want to do that because it would cost them money.

Who’s to say that won’t happen this year? Without Reyes, this team is going to find it that much harder to compete. A healthy Ike Davis and the new ballpark dimensions might give a little boost to David Wright and Jason Bay. Daniel Murphy and Lucas Duda will see some more regular time – they have more value to the Mets right now compared to any other team.

If the team succeeds this year, it’s going to be blown to bits. It’s extremely likely that the only reason Wright won’t be traded now is because the front office is trying to let him build his value with the new dimensions. He’ll be gone at the deadline. Rauch, Francisco, even Ramirez? Don’t be worried about whatever they’re being paid. If they pitch well, they’ll be shipped off at the deadline to a contending team. Who knows what Santana’s fate is? Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Duda or Murphy was dealt, too.

I am usually not this negative – but the front office has sent me this message. There is no way I am going to renounce my fandom or anything of that nature. I am not that crazy. But when it comes down to it, it really will be a weird season for me. I will be there cheering for them to win every game and for anyone in a Mets jersey to succeed. However, I’m worried about just how bittersweet that could be for me.

A team without Wright AND Reyes… I guess I always hoped to see them retire together. But alas, I’m just a mere fan.