Can We Please Stop Reporting That Sandy Alderson Is Shopping Jon Niese?

Sometimes it just boggles my mind how some bloggers can’t seem to differentiate between a writer’s speculation or a legitimate rumor. Case in point are these recent Jon Niese to Colorado for Seth Smith rumors.

Before I tear into the heart of these outlandish attempts to fire up the fan base, let me begin with an actual rumor that nobody seemed to key in on.

This a legitimate rumor: 

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported via Twitter that the Mets told the Oakland Athletic’s that they will not include Jon Niese, Ike Davis, Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Jenry Mejia or Jeurys Familia in any trade.

This is reported as a matter of fact, it makes sense, there’s no question or vagueness about it, and Heyman stakes his own reputation on it. 

Everyone seemed to ignore this legitimate piece of information from one of the best baseball insiders on the planet.

This is speculation:

Tracy Ringolsby of FOX Sports writes: With Cuddyer in right and Gonzalez in left, the Rockies could have a major offseason move remaining by shopping Seth Smith for a starting pitcher. Mets lefty Jonathan Niese is believed to be available in a package built around Smith.

This not being reported as a matter of fact, it doesn’t make sense, it’s questionable and vague, and Ringolsby is not staking his reputation on anything other than Niese is believed “but not known” to be available.

And yet everyone ran with this as if Alderson was on the phone trying to peddle his 25-year old left-hander for a 29-year old part-time outfielder.

* * * * * * * * * *

For crying out loud, just the other day at the Mets Holiday Party, to a group of a dozen Mets bloggers, Sandy Alderson said as boldy as one could proclaim “Niese is in our plans for 2012.”

So last night, MetsBlog sets the blogosphere and twitterverse ablaze by passing off a writer’s mere speculation as a legitimate trade rumor. Unbelievable.

This morning, they post a retraction and say “Niese Is Not Available.”

Well, duh…

I mean let’s get real here… If your going to pass yourself off as a “Grand Central Station for Mets Information”, why confuse your readers by suggesting Alderson would be stupid enough to trade arguably his best young left-handed starter for what is now the Rockies’ fourth outfielder?

Does every piece of garbage that is disseminated on the web have to get posted?

Is there some sort of positing quota from SNY that has to be adhered to?

I mean, how does stuff like this make it past the editing process?

I would love to tear into this some more, but why should I? Let the MetsBlog readers speak for themselves:

ritz – This is pure speculation. Do you think the same GM that’s rumored to want d’Arnaud and turned half a season of Beltran into Zack Wheeler would trade Niese for a package where Seth Smith is the headliner? I sure don’t.

Imissshea – Good left handing pitching that is cheap and under control has to be worth a heck of a lot more to a team than a 29 year old part time outfielder.

mike9986 – I just can’t see how giving up Niese for someone who might very well be a part-time player makes sense. I also can’t really see how trading Niese, period, makes sense. He’s young, cheap, and if he’ll never be an ace, he could wind up being a #2 guy.

mistermet – I don’t believe this for a second. It makes no sense for a rebuilding team to acquire a 29 year old platoon outfielder for a young starting pitcher. I have to assume this is just really poor speculation.

Barons_Glasses – Baron is getting ridiculous, if you don’t have anything credible don’t post anything at all, or just post some cornball memory lane stuff

Pedros_Rooster – I think most folks are expressing frustration at (a) the dumbness of a former BBWAA president circulating such dreck, and (b) Metsblog for perpetuating it. Oh, and some probably worry that this could come to fruition (stranger things have happened).

This isn’t the end of it…

Believe it or not there is a new post over there entitled, “Why are the Mets looking to trade Jon Niese?

They’re not!

Alderson will listen to offers for anyone including Niese, Wright, Wheeler, Duda, anybody! That’s what any good GM does… He listens… That does not mean he is actively shopping everyone around.

Fact #1 – Sandy Alderson said Jon Niese will be in the 2012 rotation.

Fact #2 – Jon Heyman reported that Sandy Alderson told the A’s that Niese was not available.


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