Not Everything Is What It Seems

Sorry for the short hiatus, I’ve been under the weather, but I’ve remained engaged and tuned in and I’m working on a blockbuster of a story. For now, let’s talk about this:

Yes desperation is a good way to describe it.

When last I spoke, I mentioned that to the Mets, signing Jose Reyes is worth far more to the organization that just stolen bases and runs scored.

Reyes is the number one marketable asset the Mets have and a 100% genuine brand they can bank on. David Wright might be the face of the franchise and the Mets #1 poster boy, but Reyes puts fannies in the seats and dollars into the Mets’ coffers. Wright does not do that.

Last week I said “relevancy equals more fans and more fans equal more money” in response to Alderson’s statement that “the Mets will increase payroll as the team performs better”. How does the team perform better when you keep getting rid of it’s best players?

The Mets thought they were being cute when they decided to move up the renewal date for season tickets to November 7th. At the time I said that was preposterous and that most fans won’t budge on renewing until they know whether Jose Reyes would be re-signed. Because as I’ve said all along, Reyes sells tickets.

Reyes also sells millions of dollars worth of jerseys and other apparel, not to mention the fact that Reyes outpaced David Wright in National marketing initiatives and advertising runs.

If the Mets think fans are rushing out to buy Ruben Tejada jerseys in 2012, they are sadly mistaken. Sorry Ruben, no knock on you, just stating the facts.

You all know that I never expected the Mets to sign Reyes (I had my reasons why), and I won’t be swayed by recent comments by Sandy Alderson intended to suggest they are still in it. They aren’t. Alderson is simply doing his job which includes keeping the fanbase from going into a panic. That’s what good GM’s do.

The fact as I know them is that they have never been in the Jose Reyes derby. Sure, we have seen some half-hearted gestures, but it’s mostly smoke and mirrors. In not one of their 2012 roster projections and scenarios, was Jose Reyes’ name included at shortstop. This is just one of a few things a reliable source told me. Not one.

They can’t sign Jose Reyes. Even if all it would take is $60 million. It’s not happening. Payroll must come down lower. Slashing it to $100 million is not nearly enough to satisfy the banks, the debt collectors and the folks at MLB who want their $25 million dollars back.

There is something amiss with this franchise. Can you see it?

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