Morning Grind: What The Hell Is Sandy Alderson Doing?

I have always been very complimentary of Alderson, I was happy to see him hired as GM, I liked a few of his moves. Although, when it comes to how he has handled Jose Reyes, I can only say: What the hell are you doing?

In spring training, the Mets had an excellent opportunity to have Reyes for a reasonable price after a mediocre 2010 campaign, yet Alderson let that window pass. Once Reyes exploded into an MVP candidate, almost every GM was willing to give up their first-born child to acquire him, yet Alderson let the July 31st deadline go by. Instead of getting a potential haul of young, major-league ready talents, Alderson decided that he would try to re-sign the speedster this winter, and if not, there is always that first round pick in return right?

Wrong. Now here we are, Reyes is a free-agent, teams are apparently “Lining Up For Reyes” (shocking isn’t it?), and Alderson and the Mets have shown basically zero interest. With the Marlins sprinting out of the starting gate, not only are the Mets in danger of losing Reyes to a team in the division, but not getting any compensation except for a sandwich and a 2nd round pick. To think that the Mets could have gotten one of the top prospects in the game for a deadline trade, now face a very real possibility of only getting two draft picks not even in the first round.

Now it is at the point where Alderson needs to make a legit push for Reyes, and not a half-assed run. I mean telling his agent to see them when they are done shopping around? Are you kidding me?! He is your franchise player, if Alderson knew the chances of re-signing Reyes were slim and he was not even planning on making a strong push for him, why didn’t he get a deal together to at least get some kind of return on their all-star shortstop?

I really hope Alderson has some kind of plan on Jose Reyes, because if he walks, and the Mets don’t get anything in return, it could seriously cripple the franchise for years.

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