MMO Fan Shot: If It Sounds Like A Duck And Walks Like A Duck…

It’s all about the money!

Seems everyone is convinced that not making an offer to Jose Reyes is the smart play. I question that thinking because an offer not made is merely an offer that can not be accepted, Nothing more. If the fear is another team is going to outbid you well they are going to do that on the very first dollar offered so all you really managed to accomplish is ensure that an outbid would happen.

Most fans believe that baseball players are all about the money, Agents are, that’s for sure – the more they get for their clients, the bigger their cut. But agents don’t decide which contracts to accept or will be signed – Players do!

We have seen examples of players signing contracts when better money was to be had merely for the fact that they want to live in certain areas and not others. Many a player has declined good offers or limited their team options because they preferred to stay on the East or West coast. Some sign to play in smaller stages or markets because it makes them more comfortable than the big city life and media spotlight (CC Sabathia had his out clause put into his original contract for just this reason). Others even take less money just to play with a specific team they feel has a better chance of winning or simply because they want to play for one specific team. See Cliff Lee who gave up a year at 20+ Million, to play for Philadelphia because he didn’t like the fans in NY and the Phillies gave him just as much a chance to win as the Pinstripers did.

Yes, many players who sign big contracts do seek out the highest bidder. That’s because the majority of big contracts come when the player hits the market for the very first time. They have not achieved their financial stability yet because they were exclusive to a ball club who had control over their salary and was limited in the amount of raises they could get by arbitration. No bidders means no BIG contracts.

Many of the players who do go for the money rather than location and situation, often find themselves in a city they don’t want to be in or on a team that is going nowhere. I wonder how Jayson Werth would have felt counting his money if the Phillies had won the WS? I wonder if Pujols is going to demand as much as he originally wanted or simply jump the World Series ship merely for $2-3 Million more somewhere else?

Alex Rodriguez, who was once in negotiations with the Mets, asked for the world, but got very little (comparatively) from the Mets and a whole lot of cash from the Rangers. Eventually he said that he wished he had negotiated a deal with the Mets rather than going to Texas. He sure wasn’t winning anything with the Rangers and no one seemed to care much about him on that small stage. Yes, everything is BIGGER in Texas except the Media stage that egotistical stars need to feel good.

There are many reasons a player declines or accepts a contract and in many cases it’s more than just the money. Additionally, there is more money to be made in marketing and merchandising by playing in a large market as opposed to a small one.

Reyes has said he PREFERS to stay in NY. The question is how much is that worth to him? 2 Mil Per year? 5 Million Per year? An extra year on the end of his contract? Or is it that he only prefers to stay in NY if they make an equal bid compared to some other team?

I see lots of people BELIEVING and crystal balling one scenario or the other, but the truth is there is only ONE WAY to find out!


Make an offer and say:

“This is what we got right now, If that’s not enough well, tell us what it will take. If you want to shop around to get the best price, call us when you figure it out, but we are going to move forward and our current offer may not be available at that point in time because we need to sign guys who DO know what they want and are ready to sign.”

That would give Reyes the idea we want him, how much we might be willing to pay right now and if he chooses to go shop and doesn’t get a better offer well he reduced his own worth. If he gets a better offer, then we can decide if the money is worth it or not.

Do that and no one could blame Sandy for pushing Reyes out the door!

But making no offers is sending only one message… We don’t want you at ANY price!

If you never make an offer, you’ll never sign ANYONE… Maybe that’s the strategy? That we don’t want to sign ANYONE including Reyes?

If that’s the case, then there’s no denying it, we are playing MONEYBALL and despite the many denials, we are THE MONEYBALL METS!

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