Have Your Feelings Toward Bobby V Changed Now That He’s With Red Sox?

A couple days ago, I brought a question up to MMO Facebook fans regarding Bobby Valentine.  I asked the following question.

If Bobby Valentine becomes the Red Sox new manager, will you still like Bobby V, or will this move make you want to hate him?

After I posted this question, Mets fans responded with some very passionate and heated responses.

It was great to read everyone’s opinions on the matter and from most of the responses on MMO’s Facebook page, almost everyone was happy for the new Red Sox skipper and harbored no ill feelings toward Bobby V. Personally, I would certainly agree.

Bobby Valentine being named the manager of the Red Sox does not change my views on him at all. I still have the same respect and admiration for him as I did when he was the Mets’ manager. On the other hand, if he had joined the Yankees in a similar capacity, I may have sided with those Mets fans who called him a traitor.

As it turns out, now I can root for the Yankees to lose, and Bobby V to win all at the same time.

I am actually excited to see how Bobby Valentine impacts the Red Sox. It will be interesting to see how he brings the Sox back up from the shame of the season that was 2011.

So, what are your thoughts on Bobby in Fenway?

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