Giants Trade Sanchez To Royals For Melky – Missed Opportunity For Mets?

According to the the Kansas City Royals, the team has acquired LHP Jonathan Sanchez and Ryan Verdugo from the San Francisco Giants for centerfielder Melky Cabrera.

Sanchez, 28, is up for his third year of arbitration elibility (and final year of team control), and would have made something like $5-6MM through the process.

Cabrera, 27, is up for his fourth year of arbitration elibility (he’s a Super Two), and could earn as much as $4MM this offseason.

Sounds like a pretty even deal to me.

I wonder if the Giants would have been interested in Angel Pagan?

Pagan is easily a better defensive centerfielder than Melky, and offensively they are statistical clones:

  • Cabrera career slash: .275/.331/.398
  • Pagan career slash: .279/.331/.418

Pagan also would have given the Giants an extra year of team control.

I know this would have left the Mets in a precarious position in center field with few in-house options, but it may have been a good precursor to other similar type moves or even open them up for a run at Grady Sizemore – who shouldn’t be too costly and has infinitely more upside than Pagan if he’s healthy.