A Dog Named Jose and a Cockatiel Named Gil

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, a huge Mets fan, is creating quite a buzz these days with his decision to name his dog after shortstop Jose Reyes.

Another funny quote from Seinfeld came when he appeared on David Letterman on Wednesday night and said:

“You want to know why the dog is named Jose? … The dog is named Jose because I feel like we may lose Jose Reyes, and we’re trying to keep a Jose. Because I’m a Met fan. It’s actually my wife’s idea, which is why I love my wife — she comes up with ideas like this. That’s a marriage right there, a wife that says, ‘Let’s name a dog after the Mets’ outgoing shortstop.’ That keeps the love alive.” –  Via ESPN

Have you ever named a pet after a Mets player?

I never did, but my uncle uncle once had a cockatiel named Gil after the former Mets manager, and oddly enough his favorite snack was carrots.

(BTW, that’s not my uncle’s cockatiel. Gil died over 10 years ago, but I scoured the internet to find one that looked just like him down to the bright orange cheeks.)