Yu Darvish over Jose Reyes?

This offseason the expectation is that Japan’s Nippon Ham Fighters will post Yu Darvish. All 30 MLB teams will have the chance to submit bids for his services.

Ever since Darvish name really became well known in America scouts have been raving about his talents. I’ve heard people say he could very well be one of the best pitchers in the world.

The Mets, like every other MLB team, have had scouts in Japan watching Darvish for years. Darvish, who is now age 25, has said he plans to make the jump to the majors in time for the 2012 season. If he stays true to this, I expect the Mets to be part of the key bidders for his services. If you remember the Mets finished 2nd behind the Red Sox in the bidding process for Dice-K. That one worked out good for the Mets in the long run i’ll say. Darvish, however is a much different pitcher and also a lot younger than Dice-K. He could very well work out better for whichever team wins the bidding.

Now the main question – If the Mets could only sign ONE of Jose Reyes or Yu Darvish, who do they sign?

I have been a HUGE advocate for re-signing Reyes for well over a year. He’s not only my favorite player but he is in my opinion the Mets most valuable player. He is coming off a 2011 season in which he won the first Batting Title in New York Mets history with a batting average of .337. He is without question the most exciting player in MLB today. And lets not forget that he plays the hell out of the SS position every time he steps on the diamond.

Giving Reyes a 5-6 year deal worth over 100 million dollars will be a gamble. With Reyes checkered injury history any multiyear deal worth that much comes with extreme risk.

Would the Mets be better off going with Ruben Tejada at SS in 2012 and beyond? He hit .284 in 328 AB’s in 2011.

Jose Reyes is a type A free agent this offseason and will command 2 drafts picks (1st Rounder and Supplemental Round Pick) from whichever team signs him. This is clearly enticing to a front office set on “rebuilding” the Mets with young talent. It would also allow them to spend the money they would have given Reyes on multiple free-agents instead of just one.

The other option to spend that money is on the bidding process/signing of Yu Darvish.

His #’s from the past 7 seasons can be seen below –

A 2013 Rotation that consists of the likes Darvish/Santana/Harvey/Wheeler/Niese/Gee is extremely enticing. Maybe enticing enough to let Jose Reyes walk in free agency. As hard as that may be…