Another Offseason Wish List

With the World Series matchup now settled and the Cardinals back in it again, my mind wanders back to 2006 NLCS when these same Cardinals beat the Mets. Aside from getting sick, it makes me think what is it going to take to get the Mets back to the doorstep of the World Series and maybe, god willing, into it. Well it all starts this offseason. Now by no means do I think the Mets will contend for a World Series in 2012, but there are several steps that could be put into place to get us further down the road. Now of course these are just what I wish can happen and some may seem farfetched, but that is why it is a wish right?

One: Resign Jose Reyes

This is above all else, is the priority of the offseason. Reyes has been the Mets best player, and quite frankly was the only reason fans went to the ballpark the last month or so (at least for me it was). He is exciting, talented, and coming into the prime of his career. Yes the injury risk is there, but the positives outweigh the negatives in all aspects..

Two: Trade for B.J. Upton

Angel Pagan, I like you but I have grown tired of you. The guessing game of which Pagan will show up has grown old and it is time to move on. Upton is the prototypical center fielder for Citi Field. He can run, he has power, and needs a change of scenery from Tampa Bay, where rumors of his departure have been swirling. Its a trade that needs to be done and should be able to get worked out.

Three: Sign Prince Fielder

Wheres the money coming from? We have Ike Davis! The payroll isn’t going above 100 million! I know this is what your all saying. Hear me out. There is no ballpark, no matter what size, that can contain Prince. He is a legitimate threat to hit it out every single time, and is the perfect four hitter to put between Wright and Bay (if he is still here, but more on that later). He will command a lot of money, but we have plenty coming off the books and Prince even expressed some interest playing in New York. I know you are all screaming Ike, Ike, Ike, which leads me to my next wish….

Four: Trade Ike Davis.

This guy doesn’t know what he is writing about! Why trade Ike? If trading Ike for the sake of signing Prince Fielder is a reality, do it. Ike is young, talented, under control for a long time, and not to mention cheap. Which is exactly why the Mets should move him to a team that is desperate for offense but short on cash. The Mets need pitching and Ike can bring that pitching. Teams like Tampa Bay and San Francisco are the ideal candidates, with pitching to spare and a need for a big lefty bat. Though it will be unpopular at first, if matched with other moves it could benefit the Mets greatly in the long haul.

Five: Monitor the Yadier Molina Situation.

If the Cardinals win the world Series, Molina will play a part in it. He is one of the more underrated players in the game and is arguably the best defensive catcher as well. He has an option for next year but with the Cardinals facing the free agency of Albert Pujols, they may buyout Molina with the hopes of getting him at a lower rate. Thats where the Mets should swoop in. He can fill our void at catcher and bring leadership to a team that still lacks it.

Six: Trade Jason Bay/Keep Mike Pelfrey

Bay isn’t cut out for New York. I like him, I like his hustle, but I hate his contract and I firmly believe Citi Field has messed him up. There has to be a team out there who is willing to take a flyer on him, and if an offer comes the Mets should jump on it, even if it means eating part of his contract.Though a trade of him would ruin my Wright-Fielder-Bay pipe dream, I think I will get over it. In regards to Pelfrey, I have a hard time giving up on him. I think he will benefit from Santana being around this season and I think he can be the pitcher we have seen glimpses of. Also this leads to my wanting of Molina, as a catcher like him would do wonders for a headcase like Big Pelf.

Again these are all wishes and as likely to happen as the Wilpons selling the team (my final wish). But the offseason can bring new hope and this could be a start that brings the Mets back to some respectability.