MetsBlog: Wright To The Phillies?

Caught this on MetsBlog a few nanoseconds ago along with something about blue walls:

In an interview with host Mike Missanelli on 97.5 FM in Philadelphia,’s Jayson Stark said:

“The Phillies like David Wright. They have talked about David Wright. Are they really going to be able to make a deal for David Wright? Are the Mets really going to deal him to the Phillies? I mean, those are big questions. But, I’ve heard David Wright’s name for some time. Whether it happens is another story. But, the Phillies like him. … It would have to be a gigantic deal. And, where are the pieces left in the Phillies system to make that deal? … It’s unlikely, but don’t ignore it, because the Phillies have talked about it.

Cerrone says the return would be something along the lines of Vance Worley and Domonic Brown.

Obviously, there’s nothing to this and it’s all hot air based on a rumor about a rumor about a rumor. If there was any real news out there, this probably would have been discarded by the crack editorial team at MB.

Even if there was the slightest bit of truth to any of this, which there’s not, if I were to consider trading David Wright to the Phillies, I wouldn’t even listen unless Cole Hamels was on the table.

That said, I wonder if they like Evan Longoria too? I would say yes. What about Ryan Zimmerman? I would say yes too. What about anyone not named Placido Polanco? Yes.