If Jose Reyes Re-signs, Payroll And Flexibility Take a Major Hit

I came across a short, but interesting piece from Chris McShane of Amazin’ Avenue that talked about the future payroll of the Mets if Jose Reyes resigned with the team.


Credit: Baseball Prospectus and Amazin' Avenue

During Thursday’s media event at Citi Field, GM Sandy Alderson said that resigning Reyes “can happen” within the $100-110 million dollar projected payroll. However, signing Jose Reyes to an extension comes with a problem he warned, that would affect the teams payroll flexibility for the next couple of years.

I know Alderson has a very tough decision to make, but as a fan, would you rather live with losing Jose to another team like the Phillies, or would you want to have him back, but lose a lot of payroll and the flexibility that comes with it?  If I had to make that choice, it would be easy.  I would rather keep Jose, and lose a bit of payroll flexibility.  Here’s why.

This season just two of the eight playoff teams spent more than $110 million on payroll (Yankees and Phillies), four teams spent between $85 and $105 million (Cardinals, Rangers, Brewers and Tigers), and two teams spent less than $55 million (Rays and D-Backs).

You don’t need to have one of the highest payrolls in baseball to make the postseason.  If the Rays and the D’Backs can spend only $55 million to make the playoffs, then the Mets can certainly do the same with $110 million and do it with Jose Reyes.

I would rather see Reyes back with the Mets rather than seeing him continue to dazzle with another team like the Phillies, or the Giants.Your thoughts?