Hanley, Guillen Lobbying For Reyes?

An interesting nugget from ESPN New York citing Juan C. Rodriguez of the Florida Sun-Sentinel:

It looks like new Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen and shortstop Hanley Ramirez are both lobbying ownership to pursue Jose Reyes:

Asked if he could envision any scenario in which Ramirez played a position other than shortstop in 2012, Guillen didn’t quash the notion. Ramirez indicated last season he would not be opposed to moving if the Marlins signed free agent and fellow Dominican shortstop Jose Reyes, likely a long shot considering Reyes’ injury history and the contract he’ll garner on the open market

“I just got there, and I just want him on the field no matter where,” Guillen said. “Does it have to be at shortstop? Does it have to be somewhere else? I just want this kid to be on the field every day and that’s what I’m looking for. The conversation was great. It’s up to the Marlins what they have in mind, what they want to do. As long as this kid is on the field and gives me four at-bats every day, that’s what I need.”

Now that would be a mind-blower if it actually happened, and yet I can’t completely dismiss it as totally not happening.