Free Agent CF Options

Atlanta Braves Nate Mclouth

As many people have heard Angel Pagan is a prime Non-Tender candidate this offseason. Many people believe the Mets do not feel Pagan is worth what he may command in Arbitration.

I recently suggested the Mets consider trading Daniel Murphy for B.J. Upton this offseason, which you can read here.

If the Mets decide to go the Free Agent route for a CF this Winter options may be aplenty. Below I ranked these CF’s in order of who I’d sign in an ideal world.

1. Nate McLouth  – .344 OBP .228 AVG 4 HR – Gets on base. 44 walks in in 267 AB’s in 2011. OBP’s of .356 and .352 in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Plays above average CF. Could be the one of the most affordable and economical options on market.

2. Cody Ross – .325 OBP .240 AVG 14 HR – Shows flashes of a good hitter. Matched his 2010 HR total of 14 again in 2011. Plays average defense. Will probably command a 2 year deal, which could be something Sandy Alderson shuns away from due to homegrown options past 2012 season.

3. David DeJesus – .323 OBP .240 AVG 10 HR – New Yorker by birth, Can handle the CF position.

4. Coco Crisp – .314 OBP .264 AVG 8 HR – Great Defender. Speed forms his game.

5. Rick Ankiel – .296 OBP .239 9 HR – Can play an average to above average CF. That’s about it.