Enough Already, Reyes Should Be The Guy The Mets Sign

This week, I read two interesting posts on MMO, one from my good friend and colleague Clayton Collier asking “Is C.J. Wilson A Better Signing Than Jose Reyes“, the other from my good colleague Ben Yoel, who asked “Should the Mets sign Yu Darvish over Jose Reyes”.  Both articles were very interesting.  However, in all seriousness, Jose Reyes should be the guy the Mets sign because if they don’t, then there will be a negative effect on the team.

Here’s two reasons why….

Tickets/Attendance: The Mets announced their ticket plans/prices for the 2012 season yesterday.  Everyone was saying that prices were down.  That was to be expected.  However, if Jose Reyes is not in the Mets lineup on Opening Day 2012, then Citi Field will be more like Sun Life Stadium.  Its going to be deserted.  With the Mets asking fans to renew their season ticket plans by November 7th, its going to be quite interesting to see how many fans actually renew their tickets, as they still wont know if Jose Reyes will have be re-signed yet.  I can already imagine that people will not renew until they know whats up with those negotiations.

TV Ratings: If Jose Reyes doesn’t end up with the Mets, we can expect to see TV ratings go down.  Its probably going to feel like this September all season long as far as ratings are concerned.

Overall, its going to effect the Mets economically. Sure the team will carry on and continue to play, but without Jose Reyes in the lineup, the Mets will have to face some major obstacles as a consequence for not signing Reyes.