Doc Gooden Missed 1986 Parade Because He Was In A Cocaine Haze

Recently Doc Gooden sat down with ESPN E:60 to discuss his career and life around Baseball. In the interview Gooden admitted to being “too high” to make it to the 1986 World Championship parade in New York City. He discussed his addiction to Cocaine during the illustrious 86′ season as well as the “paranoia” that would set in from his drug use.

Gooden told E:60 that the night the Mets won the World Series he and many of his teammates ended up at a well known Long Island club. The following day he found himself in the Long Island projects and was still so high from his cocaine binge that he forgot to go to the parade. He says he planned to go, however he lost track of time because he was on a haze and before he knew it he was watching the parade on television. Sad indeed if only he there were sites like back then, where young players could learn about the dangers of drug abuse.

He claims that the house he watched the parade from belonged to his drug dealer. In the interview he goes into detail about his rampant drug use and struggles while he was a player.

For years the common story was that Gooden overslept and missed the parade. However, he admitted that it was a PR cover-up. Looking back on it, he says knowing that he missed the parade because of the drug abuse is “a horrible feeling.”