Big Money, Big Busts

I wish I had a dollar for everytime I saw Mets fans bemoaning the Mets offseason a year ago for not going after one of these players; especially Crawford and Dunn.

7 Years, $142,000,000

After a 2010 season in which he produced a line that looked like this: .307/.356/.495 Crawford completely tanked in Boston this season. His OBP was a putrid .289 and his 65 runs scored were a career low. Even his defense took a hit. Don’t worry Theo, only six more years left.

4 Years, $56,000,000

After seven straight seasons of 38+ home tuns and 92+ RBIs, Dunn went cliff diving in Chicago. There’s always been a large contingent of Mets fans who have craved to see Dunn in a Mets uniform especially since Citi Field opened. How you like me now?

7 Years, $126,000,000

From a .920 OPS in 2010 to a .719 OPS in 2011 – Yikes! Can you imagine having to pay $18 million a year for this type of production for another six years? It Makes Omar look like a genius for signing Jason Bay.

Speaking of Bay (4 years, $66 million), he was among the three worst contracts of the 2009 offseason along with John Lackey (5 years, $82.5 million) and Chone Figgins (4 years, $36 million).

Hey Jose and Sandy, you reading this?