Are You REALLY Ok With Seeing Jose Reyes In Another Uniform?

Will he stay or will he go.  That is the question that has been asked all season.  Since it is not yet a reality that he really may not be here next year, how do you think you would feel if he signed with another team?

Just think for a moment that he REALLY does not re-sign with us.  Imagine him in a Red Sox, Giants, Nationals, and Marlins or even…………….dare I say Phillies uniform.

Picture hitting a line drive into the gap, flying around the bases, sliding headfirst into 3rd base while clapping his hands, yelling with excitement, pounding his chest, doing the CLAW, and pointing to the dugout after he just hit a triple at Citi Field……BUT it was off Mike Pelfrey and he is wearing a Philadelphia Phillies Jersey! 

How about him playing shortstop and batting leadoff for the Marlins in a lineup with Hanley (who recently said he would change positions if they signed Reyes) and Mike Stanton batting behind him.

What about him in a Nationals Jersey on an up and coming team with young studs such as Bryce Harper, Strasburg and Ryan Zimmerman.

We keep talking about if he leaves can Tejada replace him, or are we or are we not going to be able to re-sign him. Oh he’s going to stay because he lovesNew Yorkand his family wants to stay.

The fact is that it is a very real possibility that he will not be here. I know we keep saying it, but I just don’t think people are realizing if he leaves there is a very real possibility that he will sign somewhere that will devastate us as a fan base and as a franchise.

Maybe people get it, I don’t know.  What I do know is that I don’t want him to go.  He is my favorite player and he is so much fun to watch.  He’s a tremendous athlete, a great teammate and hell of a ball player. If he does leave this team we will not be better the day it happens.

Memo to everyone:  We will not be a better or equally as a good team with Ruben Tejada at Shortstop.

The closer it gets to decision time for this the more nervous I get.  It is extremely hard to find a great shortstop, almost as hard to find a good shortstop, and very difficult to even find an above average one right now.  This is not a very easy position to fill and if he leaves we will see first hand.  Just look how long the Red Sox have been looking for one, Alex Gonzalez, Marco Scutaro, Edgar Renteria, Jed Lowrie and so on.

Yes he has his flaws on the injury front, but having him for 120-130 games is much better than having Ruben Tejada for 160.  There was a time when he played over 150 games for 4 straight seasons from 2005-2008 and I believe he can still play a healthy season.  I don’t know about you guys but .337, 7 Hr 44 RBI, 39 SB, 31 2B and 16 3B over 130 games sounds better than .284, 15 2B and 36 RBI.

I don’t think I am alone with these thoughts, but I know that other people can make valid arguments as to why it may be better to let him walk.  I agree that there is a limit I would pay for him too, but if it came down to him signing in Philly I just may have to outbid them not matter what.


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