What To Do With Daniel Murphy?

As most of you know, Daniel Murphy has proven himself to be asset with the bat in 2011, hitting .320 with 28 doubles and 49 RBIs, but has yet to find the proper position. Since his arrival to the show in 2008, we have seen Murphy jump around from 3rd base to left field to 1st base and most recently to 2nd. Still, after being bounced all over the diamond, the 26-year old Florida native has yet to find where he belongs on the field with the New York Mets. Yet with such a valuable bat, they can’t bench Murph… so what is there to do with him?

You could put him at second, but then you not only have a below average defensive second baseman, but then you completely eliminate Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada from the starting lineup if Reyes re-signs. As far as first and third, the corner infield jobs are obviously taken by David Wright and Ike Davis so that is out of the question. In the outfield you have Jason Bay unfortunately in left, Angel Pagan in center (maybe) and Lucas Duda, who isn’t going anywhere, so there really is not a place for Murphy on this staff.

The only other scenario I could see is if the Mets manage to dump Bay somehow, or if he completely stumbles out of the gate, maybe Murphy takes over as the starting left fielder?

Either that or that idea of Bay in center and Murphy in left? Depending on how drastic the fences change in 2012, Bay might not be terrible in CF. I mean, he had 13 outfield assists in 2007 with the Pirates.

If the Mets can’t find out what to do with Murph then is a trade realistic? I think it could. The Amazin’s might be able to get a nice return on him from those teams who lose out on the Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder sweepstakes.

This is a situation that solved itself in 2011 due to injuries and lack of production, but the Mets still have 3 guys in that of Daniel Murphy, Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada all looking for a job on this squad, and really only one vacant position. Unfortunately for Murphy, due to his lack of defensive ability, I’d say he’s the odd man out in 2012, so don’t be surprised if you see him on the trade market this winter or next season once he can show he’s healthy.

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