What Are the Top Priorities for the Off-Season (After Reyes)?

Now that the Mets are officially eliminated from playoff contention this year, its time that we start thinking ahead towards the off-season, and what the Mets might do to rebuild this team for 2012, and (possibly) beyond.

With the Mets rebuilding for 2012, there are some priorities that the team needs to address first, and foremost.  We should all know by now that the top priority for this off-season will be to resign the Mets offensive catalyst, Jose Reyes.  But when the Reyes extension saga is finally over, what other priority will be tops on the Mets priority list?  We could possibly hear the team going after a closer, a catcher, an outfielder (or someone who can play center-field if Pagan is non-tendered), and relievers.

In my opinion, I believe that the top priority the Mets are going to need to address for 2012 is a closer.  The Mets have tried to have Parnell close, but that plan ultimately backfired on them.  They have used Isringhausen, but he has been ineffective at times, and has been hurt.  They have used Acosta to close and that didn’t work out either.   Really this team is going to need to look at getting someone who to me, is younger, and can handle the pressure that comes with closing out the game, and securing the win.

Your thoughts?